Design Meltdown 2010

One page sites

One page sites are a topic that is fairly well covered and yet I never get tired of seeing the various ways people have approached this style. Its hard to believe so much variety can be implemented within this single structure type.


    I gotta say, I’m not liking the new content aggregator approach to the site. Now it’s like every other design site out there.

  • Hey RBeezy, I hear you. It’s not my preferred approach. But in the end it gets the same type of content into a directory that I and others can use. I couldn’t agree more that I much preferred it when it was all 100% original content produced by me. But alas, it is either take this approach or let it die as I simply don’t have time to produce the content like I used to. Babies have a funny way of making pet projects like this exceedingly hard!

  • Hey Patrick, another vote for the old format. Your site has always been one of my favorite places to refer people to for web design inspiration. The new style is a usability nightmare compared to the old. Personally I’d MUCH rather have a slowly updated old version to the way it is now. KISS rules…

  • Personally I like it, it’s like a web design aggregator aggregator.

  • it just takes so much time to collect the sites (as I don’t simply copy everyone elses lists like so many seem to do) and I simply don’t have the time to do so. Perhaps a framed approach would work well as someone mentioned.

  • Patrick, just crowdsource the care and feeding of your baby! Understandable. I don’t hate this version, I just like the old one better.

  • I love one page sites :)